What is the most important subject in the Bible?  God asked Bob this question ... He also gave him the answer, as He always does when He asks questions. 

What do you think the answer to this question is?    

Bob asked several people what they thought the answer to this question is, and got a variety of answers back ... none of which was the answer that God had given to him.  Their answers were: Jesus, God, the Holy Spirit, salvation, blessings ..... 

Bob looked in Genesis, chapter 1, as God had instructed him to do, that the answer would be found there.  As he read down through the first few verses, he noticed several repetitions of "God said" ... written in verses 3,6,9,11,14,20,24,26,29. 

In Genesis 1:1, it says, "In the Beginning God created the Heaven and the Earth".  God spoke all these things into being by speaking them out in His Words.  He created everything by His Words. 

So we must deduct that the words we speak are the most important subject for we are to be like God. 

Mary C. Butler  



John 3:16

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