The "knowing" that we've been talking about isn't obtained by mere intellectual activity through natural schooling.  It can only be gotten by our pursuing after Jesus ... in His Word. 

Some born-again people pursuing Him have a vast amount of knowledge, and are really intimate with Him.  They talk with Him and He talks with them.  All of us are supposed to be this way with Him in our spirit realm ... in our walk with Him.  

When we pray and do what we're supposed to do, Jesus is able to get others formerly against Him to change their minds and become hungry for the Word. 

God's been working with the younger people and they're hungry to know and to see manifestations of the Word for themselves.  They don't want to just look at the Book and just hear what God is doing in other people's lives ... they want God to manifest Himself for them ... as we all should do. 

Reverend Robert W. & Mary C. Butler  



John 3:16

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