God said to me one day: "When I redeemed mankind from sin, it was from ALL sin forever."  So after we repent, why should we keep mulling over our sin act when Jesus has already taken care of it on His cross?

A friend of ours told us that every morning when she wakes up, she repents whether she thinks that she needs to or not. Now this is the right attitude.  Start out your morning with a clean slate.

Romans 14:23b ... "Whatever is not from faith is sin" ... so anything that we do without faith is sin.  In our soulish realm, we do this all the time, and this places everyone of us in the same category.

Everyday I say, "Lord, I thank You that I am washed clean by the Blood of Jesus."  Sin is taken care of ... I don't have to think about it anymore ... I don't have to dwell on it.

Yes, I make mistakes, but Jesus has taken care of the ones committed in the past, and He's taking care of the ones that are being committed in the present.    

Reverend Robert W. & Mary C. Butler  



John 3:16

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