The Holy Spirit bears witness with our spirit because He is Truth.  When you became born again, your spirit man was never to be left alone again ... no longer by itself.  When you were born again, the Holy Spirit came and became intimate with you and He will never leave you.

Is He going to sin?  NO!  What is He going to do when your soul sins?  Is He going to raise a red flag?  Is He going to sit back and fold His hands and say, "Oh, well, he's just an old sinner" ...?  No, He's going to convict you.

You won't have to have someone tell you that he saw you sinning the other day.  No, you're going to know the minute you did it because you have the One inside you Who's going to tell you.  We don't have to live the way we used to live.  We have the way to overcome our old sinning lifestyle.

1 John 5:4b tells us that our faith gives us the victory that overcomes the world. 

Here's the beauty of this ... this faith is not our faith, it's God's faith.  He put His faith in our spirit man.

Mark 11:22 says to have faith in God.  More accurately translated: "Have the God-kind of faith" or "have God's faith".

We have His faith ... He's given it to us.  Use God's faith and be a world-overcomer"! 


Reverend Robert W. & Mary C. Butler




John 3:16

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