This story is continued from the last entry of the

Easter Bunny Story.  Written by Mary Butler as told by

Mrs. Easter Bunny:


But that's not the end of this story ... it's just THE BEGINNING! 

A few of the women who had been with Jesus went to the tomb where He was ataken and buried.  When they got there, the large stone that was used to close the entrance, had been rolled away, and the tomb was open! 

They ran and looked in and saw that Jesus's body was not there.  They were very afraid and began to cry.  Had someone stolen His body!? 

But then, someone wearing bright white clothes was there, and he asked them why they were crying.  He asked them why they  were looking for Someone Who IS ALIVE among the DEAD!

You see, Jesus did NOT STAY DEAD! He IS RISEN FROM THE DEAD!   He is ALIVE!  HE LIVES NOW!    And His mission is accomplished in those of us who believe this.  WE HAVE BEEN BOUGHT BACK FROM THE DEVIL!! 

Now, little ones, Jesus told everyone who believes in Him to go and tell everybody about this.  I am one of the creatures that heard the Story of Jesus and I believed it.  So I belong to Him now, and not to the devil anymore.  I have given up my job of Easter Bunny, and I'm telling the Story of Jesus to everyone I meet.

 Reverend Robert W. & Mary C. Butler  



John 3:16

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