Look at what Lucifer was and had when God created him.  He was the anointed cherub.  He was on the same level as Michael and Gabriel.  He was right up there on the Mountain of God. 

But he had a weakness.  What was it?  PRIDE!  He said, "I want to be like God!  In fact, I want to be above God!"  

Ezekiel 28:14-17  The Message Bible ... From the day of your creation you were shere perfection ... and then imperfection --- evil --- was detected in you.  You turned violent, you sinned!  I threw you, disgraced, off the Mountain of God.  I threw you out ... you, the anointed angel-cherub.  No more strolling among the gems of fire for you!  Your beauty went to your head.  You corrupted Wisdom by using it to get worldly fame.  I threw you to the ground, sent you sprawling before an audience of kings and let them gloat over your demise.  

Reverend Robert W. & Mary C. Butler  



John 3:16

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