The Lord rewards them who diligently seek Him ... He diligently rewards them who diligently seek Him.  He also rewards them who casually seek Him, but He rewards them casually.

That's where the breakdown in your life comes  ...  when you don't spend enough time alone with the Lord.  If you're not a diligent enough seeker of the Lord, you cannot expect to be diligently rewarded by Him.  This is a direct proportional thing.

Seek the knowledge of God like you would seek for silver.  If you're normal, you will really look for silver.  You have to seek with a thorough intensity like you'd hunt for a set of keys you've misplaced/lost.  You'd turn everything upside down and inside out looking for your keys ... until you finally find them.

This is the way the Lord wants us to desire to know Him ... with this kind of intensity.        

Reverend Robert W. & Mary C. Butler




John 3:16

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