God works through people in a church setting.  There's a remnant  of His people in every church.  This means that not everyone in that church is a born-again Christian. 

There are  many people in a church setting who want to know more, and aren't getting fed what they need from the pulpit.  Pastors in these churches need to bring in people who're in the 5-fold ministry to their pulpits to teach the congregation the things that they themselves aren't teaching ... so that their congregation will grow. 

I'm not a pastor ... I'm a teacher in the 5-fold ministry. I was told that I have a pastor's heart which is to feed people the Word that they need to grow.  I want to put the Word out there and watch them grow. 

I believe in PRACTICAL Christianity ... if we cannot make it practical for ourself, then why are we doing it?  We are supposed to be living our Christianity.  It's not a "religion" ... it's a LIFESTYLE.

Reverend Robert W. & Mary C. Butler  



John 3:16

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