Adam and Eve had everything given to them at one time by God.  It doesn't work this way for us,though, when we come into our intimate relationship with God.  We don't get it all at once like they did.  We get revelation truths step-by-step, precept-by-precept, and each one that we get brings us closer and closer to the perfecting of our intimacy with the Godhead.  This is what God had intended for mankind from the Beginning.

We have to work into our intimacy with God by doing what He tells us to do. This means that we have to seek out His Truths and have them become part of us.  We must have the knowledge of His absolute Truth to be intimate with Him.

The more of His Truths we get, the more intimate we become with Him.  Our goal is to become as intimate with the Godhead as Jesus was with the Father when He was walking on this Earth as a human being.

Jesus is our Example to follow to get back what Adam and Eve had in the Beginning.  If they hadn't messed it up, we wouldn't have to be resurrected.  It would've flowed through history right up to where we are today.  We would've been intimate with Jesus automatically ... we automatically would've been "little Jesus's" walking on the Earth.    

Reverend Robert W. & Mary C. Butler




John 3:16

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