Bob’s Experience, February, 2019

I'm writing this story because it happened to me, Robert W. Butler.

On the docket of the Muscatine (Iowa) County Court System was listed the last hearing for me: March 22, 2019.  I want to tell you the story of how we got to that point.

The first Monday of February, 2019, I took the first step, intending to take my own life, but it didn't work.  Now don't jump to conclusions.  There are several things involved here.

One is that I was not in my right mind because my body and brain were full of poison.  I had been vomiting for several days and I didn't realize that it was killing me.

I'm going to start off talking about what happened from the time that I went into the Emergency Room in the Muscatine County Hospital.  This happened on a Monday early in February.

I met this one doctor who recognized that I was in trouble.  He did his normal thing that he does with people coming into the E.R., came back later and told me that I should be thankful that I came in when I did.  If I had waited to come in until Tuesday, I would've been dead because the poison that was in my system was already beginning to take over my being.

So right away he and his group that were there set up a transfer for me from Muscatine Hospital to the University Hospitals in Iowa City, IA.  On the way there in the ambulance the nurse with me was telling me some of the things she had heard about the initial incident.

The wound and everything associated with it was secondary compared to the real problem… the poison in my system.  she told me that it was so critical that the group in the Iowa city surgical unit was waiting and ready to move me from the ambulance to their Operating Room and cut me open… which they did.

Later I found out from one of the nurses in the O.R. who said that when they cut into my enlarged abdomen, a geyser of poison came out and sprayed on the inside all around my lungs.  The surgeons knew immediately that they had to put antibiotics in there to quench any pneumonia trying to get started in my system still trying to kill me.

The main part of this is that I was in the University Hospitals in Iowa City for over 2 weeks in February, going through all these things.  I was in the I.C.U. for several days, then they put me into the psych. ward area where they monitored me, finding out that there was nothing mentally wrong with me… that I was as sane as the guy walking down the street… or more so.  They thought that I had lost my mind.

But the poison in my system had done its damage.  The pneumonia that had tried to take hold had done its damage, but it had been taken care of.  It was gone.  The tumor was gone, and healing was now taking place in my stomach and in other areas that needed to be healed.

Meantime I went back to Point #1 where I had fired the gun, not knowingly, but fully conscious of all the details.  One of the things I remember very vividly is that as I was laying there, I looked around and I saw… now here's where some people can just shut it off and walk away because they wouldn't believe me anyway.  I looked around… I saw the devil.  The devil is a spirit… God Almighty is a Spirit… but they were both there and I saw them.

I saw the devil… standing there, but he said nothing... he just kept looking at me.  Then I turned my head and saw that God the Father was also standing there and He said to the devil, "What are you to do?  Kill one of My servants?"  This humbled me in the natural because God had called me one of His servants and it stuck with me throughout this whole thing. 

I saw a lot of things in the natural as I was laying there on the ground.  I saw things in the natural and at the same time I saw things in the spiritual world.  This would blow some people away, I know, but this is what was going on.

Yes, my mind was deranged in the fact that the devil was trying to control me, but I was very alert to the things that were going on.  I could see and hear.  Now my ears were injured but they weren't shut off… I could hear things.

I'm not going to get into all the things that I saw and heard… they're for another time.  There were a lot of different things that went on in that period of time before I ended up in Iowa City.

I saw a lot of things in the spiritual that I'm not going to talk about in this letter, but I am going to let you know a couple things:… but I want you to remember that God was with me through it all.

None of this would've happened if back in 2012 I would've been obedient to the leading of the Lord.  He wanted me to write about one of the four most important subjects that I've ever been aware of… our intimate relationship with our Savior Jesus Christ.

Now back in 2012, intimacy was a big thing and God said to me, "I want you to write a book on how important this is and how you get to be more intimate with Me."  He is the Goal for our Christian life.  However, I didn't do this… we went on.

God also told me that I was supposed to include in this teaching our intimate relationship with Jesus, first of all, and then our revelation knowledge, which is very, very important of God's absolute Truth.

I learned this years and years ago by a minister from California, Fred Price, who was part of Dr. Kenneth E. Hagin's group.  He was teaching about the integrity of God's Word when he talked about the absolute Truth of God's Word.  So this is where that all started.  I didn't obey this either, telling about God's absolute Truth.

At that time I wasn't seeing printed books as valuable as my nephew and other ministries did, and they are now writing more books.  Get it in writing.  When you receive a revelation from God that needs to be shared with the Body of Christ, the internet is not one of the stable ways to do that.  You'll find out that there are a lot of people creating what they call "e-books".  My nephew is well versed in that area and is pushing me to do something like that.

Back to what happened… God restated to me that His desire for me is to write some books.  It could be as many as four books … it could be just one book… I don't know.

He included two more things that need to be brought out to the Body of Christ.  If you're not being successful in the Body of Christ where you've been placed, it might be because you're not at the level in your intimate relationship that you need to be with Jesus Christ.  Or it could be that you don't have sufficient amount of revelation knowledge of His absolute Truth… and when you're dealing with His Truth, you're dealing with the only Truth… there is no other Truth.  That's it!  God Almighty!!

What level of that knowledge do you possess?  This has a direct effect on how you apply your faith (God's faith) to your situation.  All of this put together is what the end result will be which we really desire when we're seeking God and the blessings of the Word.

So the significance of those four things is beyond comparison to anything else.  Sure, we know the Word of God… sure, we memorize the Scripture … sure, we think that we've got it nailed… but we don't.

One of the things in my own personal life regarding my relationship to my Savior is that I had been praying prior to all of this that God would lead me to be just like Jesus in all respects.  So if I walk by a sick person, like Jesus did many times… they would be healed.  Not only would they be healed, they were healed when He passed by them… and are with me when I do what He did.  This is what I ask Him for.

Remember, Jesus only spoke what God told Him to speak, and He only did what God told Him to do.

We know in the Bible, and Kendall and I have taught about this on our tv. program, Great & Mighty Things… when it comes to healing, the person being healed has a direct… an absolutely direct… influence in their life as to whether they receive their healing of not.  This has to do with with their revelation knowledge of God's absolute Truth… also the words that they speak can help or kill the healing desired.

But on the other side are the people doing the praying or the commanding as to what position they are in, in their faith and their relationship to their revelation knowledge of God's Truth.

Healing is just one of these… there are a lot of others, one of which is blessings.  We all want to be blessed, right?  And there are plenty more on the list that we could talk about and will later on because our future as mature Christians is talked about the Book of Hebrews, chapters 5 and 6 and is directly dependent on whether we are still babies at the baby stage level, or have progressed into maturity.  

We are all at different stages of maturity.  We do not want to stay babies.  Are we at a high school level?  Have we more revelation knowledge and more intimacy with God, our Heavenly Father, with Jesus, our Brother, and with the Holy Ghost?  Yet there's always more to be learned and more to be put into our repertoire… the list of things that we do.

When we are ministering to other people, we'll know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God is going to answer.  This has been one of my big things with God.  When I pray for somebody, I want to see results… I want to see them healed!  Now I know, like I said, their faith and their side of this is also part of it.

We remember when Jesus was healing people, He always taught the people needing the healing what they needed to know to be a participant in it before He'd ever attempt to cast out the problem that was facing them.

Another big step… and I know that when I was released from the hospital on February 20, all the superfluous attacks that the devil had brought against me have all been wiped away.  They don't exist… just like Jesus did with all our sins,  He blotted them out with His Blood… they are GONE!!

So I can move on to considering and praying to the Father how to present this latest go-round.  It's a deep subject, not for baby Christians… although they need to know.  They need to grow up and know… just like we all do.

So this is the end of this chapter, but it's not the end.


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